7 October 2013

Hague movements, Brunei joins

After a quiet 2013 in the international world of designs comes some news from WIPO of the accession of Brunei to the Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

It will be possible to designate Brunei in a Hague application from 24 December 2013.

As a word of caution, Brunei is a common law jurisdiction and should therefore reflect its membership of international treaties by making reference to them in their local laws. I cannot see that this has been done, although I may not have access to the latest legislation. In the absence of legislative amendments there could be some doubt regarding the enforceability of International design registrations in Brunei.

Although a wealthy country, Brunei is not quite the major Asian economy to join the Hague System with there being talk of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea all acceding. The United States is scheduled to join up in the near future and this may prove to be the catalyst for a more rapid expansion to new jurisdictions.

For now though, welcome aboard to Brunei.