18 July 2013

TMView gets stronger and stronger

Earlier this month the TMView grew with the addition of over 1.1 million new trade marks when the Registers of Croatia, Cyprus, Mexico and Norway were added to the system.

This follows the earlier announcement that Morocco was to be integrated with TMView.

Croatia joined the EU at the beginning of the month.

Cyprus - an EU member since 2004 - has a relatively small Trade Marks Register but it was known for needing manual searches so this is a very welcome addition.

Norway is outside of the European Union, but its membership of the European Economic Area means it is very closely linked to the EU economically.

Mexico becomes the first non-European country to "go live" in TMView and represents excellent news for global rights holders.

It leaves Greece as the only EU member state without its Trade Marks Register available on TMView. Neighbouring Turkey is slated to join the TMView project at some point in the future.

TMView is positioning itself well as a free go-to database for initial knock-out searches not just for the European Union but further afield too.