6 June 2013

New on-line filing tool for Hague Design applications

WIPO have announced the introduction for a new on-line filing system for Hague International Design applications.

It will now be possible to upload multiple design representations at the same time, which may speed up the preparation of applications. A fee calculator will be built into the tool to help with the accurate calculation of fees due (which can be complicated under Hague). Furthermore, it will be possible to pay for applications using a credit card. This will be very useful for filers that do not hold a deposit account with WIPO; previously if you wanted to make payment by credit card then you needed to wait for a WIPO irregularity notice and then make payment through their E-Payment tool.

WIPO have prepared some step-by-step tutorials for the filing of Hague applications including the creation of a user account that is necessary.

With the accession of the United States and the powerhouse economies of the Far East to Hague expected in the not-too-distant future, WIPO are preparing themselves well to be more efficient ready for an increase in the number of filings.

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