9 May 2013

Morocco to join "TMView" project

The TMView system has been a notable achievement driven by OHIM, as I have opined before.

OHIM have recently announced that Morocco will integrate with TMView. While the International Register is already incorporated within TMView and there are plans are to link this with WIPO's Global Brand Database, this does represent the first time that a non-EU country is to join the TMView project.

Over 106,000 Moroccan trade marks are already contained on the Global Brand Database and these should soon be available through TMView, which is arguably an easier to use tool.

Morocco did apply to join (what is now) the EU way back in 1987 but their application was rejected as membership is only open to "European states". Nevertheless, Moroccan-EU relations are strong and this small step is some evidence of this. Morocco often looks north to Europe; it is the only all-African state not in the African Union.

This development paves the way for other non-EU countries to come aboard TMView. Switzerland is probably at the front of the queue given it is already a part of another OHIM-led project, TMclass (recently rebranded from Euroclass) and already has an excellent on-line database available.

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