6 November 2012

Caribbean IP Part 14: Grenada

ISO 3166 country code: GD.

As previously reported on this blog, Grenada introduced new trade mark legislation on 1 August 2012. The new law replaced a need to have a UK registration before being able to register in Grenada. The law and regulations are not on the internet (WIPO Lex is yet to be updated in this respect) but having seen these I can confirm they are modern and like you would expect in 2012. The prescribed forms are highly similar to those in use in Trinidad and Tobago, to the south of Grenada. However, I would anticipate Grenadian examination being less strict than in Trinidad and Tobago.

The new trade mark law does not extend to joining the Madrid Protocol. At least with the UK dependency dispensed with it makes it easier for many brand owners to register in Grenada.

On the patents side, UK and EP(UK) registrations can be extended to Grenada (in addition to substantive or PCT applications). For designs, the United Kingdom Designs Protection Act (Cap. 331) allows United Kingdom design registration to cover Grenada automatically, and there is no provision for local registration. Such automatic protection is not accorded to Registered Community Designs.

In conclusion, Grenada, the Spice Island, has made welcome steps to modernise its trade mark system.

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