16 October 2012

Caribbean IP Part 9: Cayman Islands

ISO 3166 country code: KY.

I have previously blogged on developments in the Cayman Islands so will avoid repeating the same here.

Quite simply, registering patents and trade marks in the Cayman Islands requires a UK registration to be extended. In the case of trade marks, Community and International Registrations (designating the UK) are also acceptable bases to an application.

It would be preferable to many brand owners to have a more substantive law in the Cayman Islands. The proposed law in the British Virgin Islands would also fit the requirements of the Cayman Islands better; there being a lot of similarities between the high income, financial services and tourism charged island groups. However, with a recent change to the procedures in obtaining IP rights in the Cayman Islands, it is difficult to see that there will be additional amendments (improvements) in the immediate future.

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